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NOTE: V1.08 has been released. Go upgrade to that and come back if that doesn't solve all your problems.

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I need hints, tricks and CHEATS because I'm stuck in the game

The game keeps asking me to insert the CD, but it's already in

I open a chest and the stupid thing crashes

I uninstalled the game and now I can't re-install it

"DINPUT.DLL is missing" - Where the heck do I get that?

I can't get into the game, the screen turns black and crashes out

I can't control the mouse pointer or dink - it keeps going off the screen

How many spells, weapons and items are in the game?

I'm trying to download the freeware version and when I run it it says 'Corrupted install detected'.. why?!

After I kill Mog or the final boss, Dink seems to lock up?! (freeware version)

I read in the walkthrough a scene is supposed to take place by these four pillars but nothing happens when I go there. (spoiler)

I need more DMOD making tutorials and information!!!  HELP ME!!

Sprites are flickering on the screen.. how can I fix it?

Where is Charlie and how can I buy his house?

How can I transfer my original pumped up Dink guy to other DMODs so they will be really easy?