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Thread: I'm playing the Isle of Croth, and Dink keeps freezing up!

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    Unhappy I'm playing the Isle of Croth, and Dink keeps freezing up!

    For no apparent reason he will just freeze, and none of the buttons will work. I have to press ctrl+alt+dlt to get out of the game. The mosters and stuff still move around, and the music still goes, but dink wont move and the keys wont work. It does it at different times during the game. At first I was using the cheats, then thought maybe they were causing it, so I started over without the cheats, and it still did it. Its not my computer, (my computer was built with the best of everything available and as of now, theres not a thing wrong with it, it was just checked) So I dont know what's going on. Help please??

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    Default Oh and...

    The only cheat I was using was the one to make him walk fast. But like I said, it did it even with the cheat off.

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    Hmmm, hard to say what's causing this... as this DMOD was written 6 years ago and tested on computers that were much slower. What version of the Dink Game engine are you using?
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