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Thread: Console Problem - Doesn't want to open for me

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    Default Console Problem - Doesn't want to open for me

    Just stumbled across Novashell this morning and I've been working through the tutorials. Have to say, I'm very impressed so far.

    I'm having one little problem though. I can't seem to open the console with the tilde key.

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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    Are you on windows mac or linux? What version?

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    Windows version and using 0.22.

    I know it's not a keyboard problem. I use the tilde key all the time in other apps.

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    Hmm, weird.

    Do you have a standard full keyboard or are you on a laptop?

    The reason I ask is it's actually the backtick that brings it down, it just happens to also share itself with the tidle key on most keyboards.

    A way to force it to come down would be hit F1 to bring up the editor bar, then do Display->Dump Engine Statistics. Of course, you may not be able to get rid of it then...
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    Now I'm confused!!

    I'm using a normal US-English QWERTY keyboard. I'm assuming backtick is the key undeneath escape and above TAB. Either way, neither of them work.

    It's a weird problem. If I force an error in script then the console appears and is I press tilde or backtick a character appears.

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