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Thread: sprite constructor

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    Default sprite constructor

    in the example spriteRTS are new objects created with tho following code

    Missile::Missile(World *world, GameObject *_owner)
    : GameObject(world)
    	spriteMissile = new CL_Sprite("SpaceShootMissile", world->resources);
    	spriteExplosion = new CL_Sprite("Explosion", world->resources);
    	sound = new CL_SoundBuffer("MissileHit", world->resources);
    	collisionMissile = new CL_CollisionOutline("Gfx/spaceshoot_missile.png");
    	sprite = spriteMissile;
    	hidden = false;
    	exploding = false;
    	owner = _owner;
    My question is now, how the new sprites are created. Do all sprites with the same resource path have a pointer to the same databits, or do all instances of the Sprite have own image memory?

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    The sprite image data is shared between all sprite objects constructed from the same resource manager with the same resource id.

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    ok, thank you for your answer

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