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Thread: Seth: hear our pleas

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontshoot View Post
    if you really want Seth to do update probably think to how he can get something out of it too, so he is not working numerous hours for free.

    Perhaps Seth can set a crowd funding eg. using kickstarter or others. I’m curious to how serious people wanting updates are willing to support Seth to do work on the update.

    eg for a simple update addition perhaps seth need about 50 hours for development and testing, so probably need to raise $3000. So 50 people will need to donate $60 for the goal to be reached. Obviously if seth needs more, more donation and people to donate is needed.

    I myself bought a lot of tank coins to support development, and bought myself and someone else rts to give back to seth. I don’t require update as the game is still fun to play for me. You know that there are 9 tanks to play with don’t you? how many games have that much of option?
    A new map wouldn’t hurt, but i’m still having fun playing tanked

    For people that doesn’t know about kickstarter: people can donate and be rewarded based on their nominated donation. payment to the author / developer will be made if the target fund is met. If not, the donation will not go ahead. 5% fee goes to kickstarter though.
    Id be willing to help if I can find a way.

    Also, doesn't Tapjoy pay a small sum to Seth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
    Id be willing to help if I can find a way.

    Also, doesn't Tapjoy pay a small sum to Seth?
    tapjoy would only contribute a really small pay... need a few hundreds people to do actions for a few dollars payout. Probably won't be enough to pay for the server tanked is running (thats just my guess.)

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    I don't mean to get your hopes down or anything (even though all these ideas are good on to bring the game back up) but none of you guys can "force" Seth to update the game. If he has better things to do, then he does. Nothing lasts forever. Also you can think of it like this too, Tanked is an old game and the more old something is, usually (in the gaming world) no one doesn't want to play it anymore. People are always looking for something new, something cool, and something exciting. That is what exactly Seth is doing, making a new game. So just leave him be and let him do his own job. If Tanked dies, it isn't like you won't see your friends again in his next, new game. If you are worried about not seeing your bestest friend, then get their contact info like for kik or something. Just don't go on a rampage about this stuff demanding Seth to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 117 View Post
    Okay. To be honest I saw that this game was going downhill ever since Seth started working on Growtopia. (Great job by the way on your extreme success) But, if older players have noticed I completely stopped battling just because I found this game was going out of date quickly and personally there are much better tank games out there now. Although...I have met a lot of very engaging people on this game, they are the only reason I'm still here. Yes this game is out of date...yes people have moved on...but some have not... and from what I have seen...these loyal people are asking for something that you cannot deliver.
    Hopefully this gets solved soon. Good luck too you all...

    117 out.
    Heh, so am I...I aint competetive or anything anymore, but I just can't leave tanked...too many people on there I'd miss or can't forget about...2 and a half years on a game indeed leave marks on me including my ability to leave my comrades behind with my English skills...all learned here talking to awesome people...tanked is some kinda social network, but In a cooler way than Facebook is for example haha...idk it's sounding strange but tanked is a lot about community IMO...
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    Guys I think the best way to have more updates is to have more players. As we can see, Growtopia is more famous than Tanked meaning more players. I was thinking of making a world in Growtopia about Tanked (well I already have but needs admins ..the world name is TANKED3D). If we can make it into WOTD, many Growtopians will notice it. Atleast we can inspire people to play tanked as well. With this little help, I think huge updates will come soon

    Just an idea btw. If you like my idea, just msg me here in the forums
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
    This isn't funny anymore. Its been too long since we had any new and exciting updates (Shadow Tank, spring 2013). Every day I log in, and see maybe 15 people on at once. 20 if we're lucky. We need something besides an occasional system update. We're tired of the same modes. The same maps. The same tanks. The same items.

    I know you're busy with Growtopia. But trust me, they're fine. They don't need constant TLC. Plus you have Mike, who can take care of them for a little bit.

    Tanked doesn't make much money. But could you just do this for the loyal people who have hung with this game for the last several years? Trying with all their might to keep it alive?

    Perhaps spend 15-20 minutes a night creating something new? A new tank? A new map? Anything.

    We aren't asking for new items every 2 weeks. But just something to know you still care about us.

    Please, Seth. HEAR US.

    tanked is dead boomer, me and my bro left for the same reason to find other games, I suggest you do also

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    Default there are reasons

    Tanked is now dead, it doesnt bring in half as much money as growtopia so there is seriously no point updating it, plus growtopia takes a lot of work, have you tried to keep sub servers, severs connection and more up and running properly? Its near impossible, im sorry for all you tanked lover
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    Pl0x seth, atleast 1 major update D:
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    If Seth need co-developers. We need a rich, smart in technologies, and love kids guy.. Because we are ignored when Growtopia is super duper PERFECT!!! Why you do this? Example Growtopia is your first son. And Tanked is your second son. You take care of the first son more than second son. You always ignoring second son. One day he die, how is your feeling of lossing 1 son? We know that you are busy in Growtopia, but we need new stuff in Tanked! Why you can do update in Growtopia almost 100 times when Tanked likes never gets updated? You can use your Growtopia moneys to use on Tanked server! Please make an update. We are need it... One more time please Seth...
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    Mods why i got banned i just used cheat engine

    Quit Growtopia=(1/1)
    Quit Tanked=(1/1)
    Make a thread about quitting Growtopia=(1/1)
    Make a thread about quitting Tanked=(2/1)
    Come back on Growtopia=NEVER GONNA HAPPEN KIDDO actually I did. But I never come back in that account
    Come back on Tanked=Come back and still no update. Curse you myself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by InYourFACE View Post
    Heh, so am I...I ain't competitive or anything anymore, but I just can't leave Tanked... there are too many people on there I'd miss or can't forget about... 2 and a half years on a game indeed leaves marks on me, including my inability to leave my comrades behind with my English skills...all learned here talking to awesome people... Tanked is some kinda social network, but in a cooler way than Facebook is, for example haha...idk it's sounding strange but Tanked is a lot about community IMO...
    this ^
    I <3 the tanked community
    Although it wouldn't hurt to have a few updates every once in a while

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    I am sorry to say this to all Tanked players in the world... But Seth doesn't update it anymore because Tanked is almost dead. Even if he does update it, people aren't going to play it because it is a dead game.

    Think of it like a cancer patient with a serious brain tumor. People tried to save them, but it did not work, and after a while of helping and trying to fix them, the eventually start to contain a fatal condition where the doctors and families can not help... Same goes for Tanked, I am sorry to say this and I mean no offense to the players that still play it but, maybe it's time to move on.
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