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Thread: Suggest hiding mutex::lock and unlock

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    Default Suggest hiding mutex::lock and unlock


    I suggest making mutex lock and unlock private rather then public as they are now.

    The only reason is avoid potential nasty cases where in:


    do_something throws exception. This will leave mutex locked, and then heavens help you debugging these cases...

    One can do the same thing using MutexSection:

    CL_MutexSection section( mutex );

    but in this case any exceptions will release the lock properly.

    I am sure Mutex and Section were meant to be used this way. But hiding Mutex modifiers will simply enforce this good design without any drawbacks that I can see.

    While we're at it, changing documentation to show only the good usage would be advisable. I will gladly do it, but I am getting my feet wet only, have not generated docs once yet...

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    However, I could be totally wrong!
    i was totally wrong!
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