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Thread: ClanLib 0.8 PhysFS support

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    Default ClanLib 0.8 PhysFS support

    Here are some classes to provide PhysFS support to ClanLib 0.8.

    I'm switching to ClanLib 0.9 so I thought I'd better release this code while it might still be useful to someone.

    Look, a thing (get the release here):

    And an example (not tested, so it might not compile):
    #include <ClanLib/core.h>
    #include <ClanLib/application.h>
    #include "FusionPhysFS.h"
    // The standard PhysFS header
    #include "PhysFS.h"
    class PhysFSTest : public CL_ClanApplication
    virtual int main(int argc, char **argv)
    	CL_SetupCore setup_init;
    	SetupPhysFS physfs_setup(argv[0]);
    	CL_ConsoleWindow console("PhysFS Test");
    		// Configure physFS for this app
    		SetupPhysFS::configure("Organization", "App", "ZIP");
    		SetupPhysFS::add_subdirectory("Data/", "ZIP", true);
    		// Get an instance of the custom inputsource
    		InputSourceProvider_PhysFS phys_provider("");
    		// Load some stuff...
    		// .. The PhysFS way
    		//  (assuming there is a .zip file in 'Data/' which contains 'image_in_zip.png')
    		CL_PNGProvider phys_png("image_in_zip.png", &phys_provider);
    		CL_Surface surface(phys_png);
    		// ... The standard way
    		CL_PNGProvider png("image.png");
    		CL_Surface surface2(png);
    		// Output some general info
    		const PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo **i;
    		for (i = PHYSFS_supportedArchiveTypes(); *i != NULL; i++)
    			std::cout << "Supported archive: " << (*i)->extension << " which is "
    				<< (*i)->description << "." << std::endl;
    		// Display the current search path
    		std::cout << "PHYSFS search path:" << std::endl;
    		char **it ;
    		for (it = PHYSFS_getSearchPath(); *it != NULL; it++)
    			std::cout << "\t" + std::string(*it) << std::endl;
    	catch (CL_Error& e)
    		// Error
    		std::cout << e.message << std::endl;
    	// Zen
    	return 0;
    } app;

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    This looks like it's under the zlib/libpng license correct? I find PhysFS very neat, I might want to use it in the future and what better than with something in clanlib!

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