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Thread: can Imageprovider provide image in zip files?

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    Default can Imageprovider provide image in zip files?

    Imageprovider use CL_VirtualDirectory to read files...
    How can I get the access use CL_ZipArchive?

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    Using the virtual file system:

    CL_VirtualFileSystem vfs("", true);
    CL_PixelBuffer image = CL_ImageProviderFactory::load(
    Seems its not possible to do it directly from CL_ZipArchive, since the functions all require a CL_VirtualDirectory.

    It would probably be simple to create a patch for ClanLib adding the support, since internally these functions all fetch a CL_IODevice and then continue the loading from that. We would need a volunteer for this tho

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    The png provider supports it, thanks to harry's recent patch (SVN Rev 2994)

    - Added CL_PNGProvider::load and ::save now take CL_IODevice parameters to enable load and save to any supported io type, including memory.

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