Hey guys, so I just finished Sword Art Online II, I didn't think it was going to be that good... BUT IT WAS.

Anyways, that gave me an idea to do a collab. What if there was a growtopian version of SAO? I've been thinking about it and it might just work. The thing is, I want it to be just like it. So we're going to need a lot of help.

If you think you're awesome at building and you could build one of the 100 floors in SAO, please join!
Like I just said we're going to need 99 other members (I'm doing it too!). Also you need to have watched at least the first season of SAO. If you haven't do it now! It's good.

I was thinking each world could be half parkour, resembling the boss. Then half regular role play and residential, so it could be mellow.

If you're level was actually mentioned in the show, It'd be nice if you would build it just like it's portrayed in the show. For example when Asuna and Kirito get their own log cabin on floor 22. If that's your floor, try making it more forest like and maybe a lake.. with a huge fish.

The idea is that once somebody beats the parkour, they will get a password they can use to enter the next floor. Once they've finished floor 100 they'll get a HUGE PRIZE. And by huge I mean HUGE. So I doubt anyone would be giving passwords often, cause if they do then they'll just be helping the competition, unless of course- they're in a guild. Which I hope there's a ton of!

Again if you'd like to join, remember this needs to look NICE. So give it all you got! Also don't be someone who starts it and never finishes it. Otherwise I'll kick you out of the GTSAO team and hire someone else. I would hate do to that though, since it'll create more time wasted for us to finish it.

Also even though this didn't happen in the show I'm going to split every group of 10 floors into 10 sections, so it's easier for me to create a list.

Floor One - Chibiusa (I'll start it off :])

... And that's half! If we fill all of them I'll add more.