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Thread: Shafted! - A Ludum Dare15 entry

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    Default Shafted! - A Ludum Dare15 entry

    I recently participated in Ludum Dare 15 (a 48 hour game making competition) and I used Novashell to make my game. If you're interested, check out v 0.2 of Shafted! here.
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    Excellent work


    My character got his feet snagged walking on ledges a few times, you can fix this by making his collision shape more 'pill' like - see pic, after I modified it this way it fixed it.
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    Ah! I have been encountering that off and on and didn't know I could fix it. I'll put the fix in the next version. Thanks for the tip!

    Ok.Here is v0.3 for Windows
    and Mac which has:

    Increased deceleration when parachute is deployed
    Fixed (hopefully) platform collision glitches
    Added a high score that is stored between games.
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