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Thread: Went on creating on Rpg Maker. then after what?

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    Arrow Went on creating on Rpg Maker. then after what?

    So if you don't know me I was here before last few months ago.

    After me doing this RPGMaker Story.

    I might go a head use Java and learn to create a game.

    Also just tell that do you think the futures stuff is getting more powerful that its enough to create good 2D games from Java?

    If so then I can plan making Java 2D RPG maybe or other 2Ds.

    I kinda don't wanna go for 3D because it is more time. to make. and hard.
    C++ isn't the language I should be face yet.
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    Go for it mate! I recently made a easy text game (had some problems with it) and I made animations on the console using system("cls") and immediatly pasted the next frame after. One thing I learnt is that you should start small, even though it doesn't sound fun it is more fun than sitting hours with half functional code. I wish you good luck on your journey. BTW wise choice going with 2d instead of 3d.

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