First of all ive got to say i love truly-made SDK that integrates with TR1 and STD. Ogre3d, Irrlicht and other SDKs make their own smart pointers and collections etc - that is truly an onanism.
But! Ive faced an interesting documentation on ClanLib.
When i wanted to understand how does clan::Slot works the doxygen-generated documentation said this perfect words:
Detailed Description

Perfect. Nothing to say. Then i thought to look up in the code. the code comments are even more wonderful:
/// \addtogroup clanCore_Signals clanCore Signals
/// \{

/// \brief Slot
That is a control shot in the head, i got it right?

Then i saw some comments like:
1) "Here we declary a variable"
2) "// Initialize ClanLib base components"
I love the second one. it comes with
SetupCore setup_core;
The comment opened my mind on what components do i init, what are the parameters and etc.

Im i the only one? Or there is a way to get a normal documentation that is not listed on download/install page?
I generated the doxygen documentation and found it no use at all.

Examples are giving so much no information about how does Clanlib works, what principles is built on, etc.

I think you should defenitelly rebuild your documentation and examples. They should explain how it works and how to get it to work, not just show the result.