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    Default MODS HELP ME

    I need to talk to Seth! He doesn't care about yanked anymore. And it is his best creation. He soands all his time on growtopia that it's not fair for the tanked players. Seth pls update. If you need ideas,it is endless.
    1) adding friends /friends to see if they r online.
    2) changing tank appearances like adding scales
    3) testing tanks for like a week for like 150 coins
    4) allowing players to trade accs via a safe network
    5) adding mini games to play in the a texting game like game pegion on iOS
    6) more tanks (bit of a stretch as as speed,reload,damage, and armor are all done variously)
    7) adding power ups to games. A power up like bomb rain can be unleashed for team that gets to center first. And it shows up 1 time every 30 secs.
    8) new maps. Make like a futuristic map that is some what similar to Egypt expect where you can teleport from a certain spot to another on the map. and maybe get rid of town.
    9) more modes like a mode where all are given same tank for that game. Where there is a superior VIP but 1,000 cp to get in. And there u can change to modes like all skill or all panzer or all fatty or even all rt.
    10) top point scoring ppl from winning team gets 2 coins and top in losing gets 1 coin.

    Also u say the server is old. Couldn't you simply use the basic code from tanked transfer it to a new system and make some of these above changes. I really believe it as a great game and that it will surpass growtopia or even clash of clans if you spend time on it...pls do this Seth. Oh please.

    Again pls Seth pls update!!! I beg you
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