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Thread: Bump if you are entered this forums.

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    Default Bump if you are entered this forums.

    I just check before , day by day this forum is turn to silent.

    so i decided to make a bump, so i can check who are still alive in this forums.

    To be honest, I miss this forums.

    what do you think?
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    Everything is gonna be a-okay! the forum is not dead. its just ... not all there?
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    Man oh man, perhaps I should bump this thread. It's the only thread that has been posted on in the last few days, but whatever.

    These forums are dead, but I like to think we're still more alive than the Growtopia forums. Pixel Worlds forums aren't that exciting. I haven't visited the KoT forums in forever, and have never really liked the one back at Cubic Castles. I wonder how DeepWorld is doing, by the way.

    Lately I've just been watching shows for hours on end, sleeping, and neglecting to do my homework until days after it's due. Occasionally I'll be playing Minecraft, but the larger servers are all terrible, and the newer ones die off so fast.

    Besides that, I'll be browsing the newly listed forums in the ProBoards directory, and perhaps joining a few. It's fun, really. People seem as if though they may be excited when making a forum, but than nothing ever gets posted, and the one who made it soon enough hasn't logged on in several years. Joining random forums when they first come out, and if the admin notices, causes them to actually put a bit of effort into their forums for awhile, until they get sick of just talking to me, and still haven't figured how to advertise. I feel like just me, one person, joining their forums causes some excitement. And it excites me too. I just hope one makes it somewhere someday.



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