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Thread: Evil crash bites my butt again

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    Default Evil crash bites my butt again

    But this time I found a script that actually trigger it rather easily...

    function OnInit() //run upon initialization

    function OnPostInit() //run during the entity's first logic update
    thisMap = this:GetMap();
    --if --thisMap == GetMapManager:GetActiveMap() and
    --not thisMap:GetName() == "Gui_Stuff" then
    SpawnDefaultGui(); -- I am using a function in case I decide to support multiple GUIs

    function OnKill() //run when removed

    function SpawnDefaultGui()
    BigBar = GetEntityByName("power_up_bar_big_template");
    YellowBar = GetEntityByName("power_up_bar_yellow_template");
    PinkBar = GetEntityByName("power_up_bar_pink_template");
    WhiteBar = GetEntityByName("power_up_bar_white_template");
    GreenBar = GetEntityByName("power_up_bar_green_template");

    GuiCover = GetEntityByName("gui_cover_template");

    big_bar = BigBar:Clone(thisMap, Vector2(0, 0));
    yellow_bar = YellowBar:Clone(thisMap, Vector2(0, 0));
    pink_bar = PinkBar:Clone(thisMap, Vector2(0, 0));
    white_bar = WhiteBar:Clone(thisMap, Vector2(0, 0));
    green_bar = GreenBar:Clone(thisMap, Vector2(0, 0));
    gui_cover = GuiCover:Clone(thisMap, Vector2(58, -6));

    function DeleteDefaultGui()

    function safe_delete(entity)
    if entity then entity:SetDeleteFlag(true); end

    First, the "safe_delete" is totally non-safe, because it generate a error when entity is nil "big_bar does not exist"

    Anyway, it sorta worked, but as soon as I delete some object and re-loaded the script, the engine crashed...

    The same crash as the mentioned "random" crash in other topic.

    I realized that the engine hates when you call SetDeleteFlag(true) twice, it plainly crashes sometimes when you do that... So, there are a way to fix any of the issues I mentioned here? Including a way to allow me to "delete" stuff that is not even created yet?

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    Cant you check if the Entity exists before trying to remove it?

    If !(GetEntityByName('big_bar-)=nil

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    I guess I will have to edit the C++ later, doing that in Lua totally don't work.

    But for now I am managing to avoid it with careful (VERY) lua coding.

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    Calling entity:SetDeleteFlag(true) twice in a row shouldn't crash the engine as "entity" still exists until the end of the logic cycle. (if it does, that is a bug)

    However, refering an entity pointer after an entity has been deleted would - as it's just a pointer to random memory at that point.

    You should probably be doing:

    safe_delete(big_bar); big_bar = nil;

    to make sure you don't do that, otherwise the "safe_delete" function really has no meaning.
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    I noticed the crashes are triggered when I delete something, and the engine was going to delete it for another reason, like deleting a entity and then unloading the map.

    This trigger two deletes (and thus a deletion of a random pointer).

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    The game is not frequently crashing, it crashes when closing, it crashes when unloading a map, it crashes when manipulating Watch Manager, and so on...

    But in all crashes, no matter how the stack trace looks (sometimes it look wildly different) one line is ALWAYS present:

    sig_delete(m_ID); (BaseGameEntity.cpp line 52)

    This is greatly bothering me, obviously the deleteflag thing is deleting invalid stuff, but I am not figuring how to figure if something is valid or not (specially because m_ID is a int, not a pointer, thus I cannot just verify if m_ID is valid or not).

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