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Thread: PPD God will inavde this forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattLaurence View Post
    Im laughing at how many people tried to get me away when I wont stay around here

    Are you afraid that youll lose the highest post thingy?

    No, they just don't want someone as immature as you stinking up these forums. Seriously, as much as your ego tells you otherwise, NOBODY BUT YOU CARES ABOUT PPD. Get off your path of self-righteousness and gain some maturity and dignity please.

    Also known as SirNooby.
    Some shameless self promotion going on here. Ples fall-o meh.

    I'm that one forumer with no social life, or any life for that matter. But hey, who needs friends anyways?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattLaurence View Post
    why is you all bulky me?i is report you to seth smd he will make me mod and i is ll ban you



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