I'm pretty new to clanlib but as far as I see clanlib is a pretty well designed and complete library.

I would love to use clanlib for my project which is closed source and should be commercial when it is finished.

I've seen that clanlib uses some external libraries, such as SDL or zlib.

Well, my question now is if I can use clanlib for my project, would you recommend it?

And where are the external libraries included in clanlib?

My game is an online 2D game so I will need the following sections of clanlib:
The whole display & network features as well as database, threading and xml services.

Do I have to watch for parts of external libraries, or are these features purely clanlib?

I'm sorry because I didn't have the time to go through the whole code and I hope to find someone that is more experienced with clanlib.

Help is really appreciated