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Thread: Corrupted colors in jpeg images with SVN 2.3

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    Default Corrupted colors in jpeg images with SVN 2.3

    When I load some jpeg images they get corrupted like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've attached a minimal test application that demonstrates this problem.

    The problem appears only with SVN 2.3. 2.2.x series work correctly.

    (Also note that the image was generated programmatically by CL_JPEGProvider::save(). The bug goes away when saving this image in photoshop).
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    After a bit of investigation I discovered that the problem with this JPEG file is that it is not a standard JFIF JPEG. It is an Adobe JPEG file with a RGB color space instead of the usual YCrCb color space.

    I've committed a fix to SVN that adds support for reading Adobe JPEG files and also fixed the bug that ClanLib's JPEG compressor wrote the wrong type of JPEG file.

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