The ClanLib 2.4 SVN, 3D Examples have been converted to use assimp instead of clanCollada.

ClanLib 2.3 SVN has not been updated to mirror it. Testing is require before we do that.

We have build some precompiled libraries (in the same style as the standard ClanLib dependency libraries)

They can be found at:

At the time of writing, only 3 files will be found there:

  • --> The source package (with our standard project files)
  • --> Visual Studio 2008
  • --> Visual Studio 2010

In time, we will upload the other configuration options.Note, they are quite large libraries, at around 50MB

We will not create an official ClanLib assimp package (to go onto until we are confident it works. (and depending on current assimp development/releases)

Note, the "" the following, so you may want to disable it if you want to debug assimp:
Warning: The project files "DEBUG" build has optimisations enabled. If you want to be able to debug this library, remember to turn them off.
Warning: The project files "DEBUG" build has "Basic Runtime Checks" set at Default, instead of Both (conflicts with optimisation setting)