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Thread: Problem with CL_Spin with float values

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    Default Problem with CL_Spin with float values


    Hope somebody can help me, I'm working on GUIComponent with a lot of CL_Spin elements. Now wanted to make a CL_Spin with float values, and it don't work as I would expect.

    Thats my Spin:

    	spin_maxroaddistratiotertconn = new CL_Spin(this);
    	spin_maxroaddistratiotertconn->set_geometry(CL_Rect(client_area.left + 150, + 455, CL_Size(100, 20)));
    	spin_maxroaddistratiotertconn->set_ranges_float(1.0f, 5.0f);
    The problem is, that when I look at the spin in my program, the spin displays me the value is 0 (but the value which I get with get_value_float is 2.0), but when I click to one of the arrows (up/down) the value changes to 1.9/2.1
    Ok it is late, but I am still a little bit confused about this behavior and I am not sure what I do wrong. Maybe someone can help me. :-)

    PS: Sorry for my bad english
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    First change: "set_visible(false);" --> "set_visible(true);"

    Then move: "set_floating_point_mode(true);" after "new CL_Spin(this);"

    The "set_floating_point_mode()" fix should not be required in ClanLib 2.3 SVN (or ClanLib 2.4 SVN)

    SVN commit:
    CL_Spin fixes - initial step_size was not initialised. The set_xxx functions now imply the floating point mode. set_floating_point_mode(false) sets the lineedit correctly. clamp_value() returns value changed state

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    Red face

    Thanx you so much!!!!

    That was the hint I needed because I am on 2.2.6:

    Then move: "set_floating_point_mode(true);" after "new CL_Spin(this);"

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    We really recommend all users to upgrade to ClanLib 2.3.

    The main development now happens on 2.4 (unstable branch), the bugfixes are backported to 2.3, and some of the most critical fixes end up in 2.2, but not all...

    All breaking changes between 2.2 and 2.3 (and how to fix them) are documented at
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