First of all, I want to congratulate the developers (Seth, et al) for this amazing little bit of software! I'm not really a programmer, beyond some simple HTML/PHP and BASIC back in my schooldays (not even C or java... sigh. I'm old!), but the potential in this NovaShell is really neat!

MY 7yr old son and I have been spending the last week or so with him making some stick-figure drawings in MSPaint, then going through the tutorial and slowly making "his very own video game!" replacing the tiles and entities with our own PNG paintings. I can't quite fathom the deeper concepts in making my own custom lua scripts, but so far it's been educational for us both. So, major Kudos again, for allowing us to at least throw together a "game" of our very own. (He can't wait to 'finish' more things and add a boss battle, etc once I get the warping between maps working and he 'draws' the map tiles slowly and patiently.)

My question is mostly "what should I beware/be aware of?" in terms of learning this here new fangled Programmin...:wheelchair:
I know not to ask for code snippets or such, and that "play around and debug is the best way to learn",... but I wondered if you more knowledgeable types could suggest something to concentrate on first as a solid foundation (beyond these tutorials, of course), or else things to keep in mind "for later" that a total n00b might get confused by.

Thanks in advance!
-Maebius (& kid )