Hi Seth

I take a few days to try your Game engine and I must say that the editor is quite impressive and brilliant !
Aside from one or two ergonomic additions (and better visual assets maybe ) it would be perfect

But when I try to delve a little bit more under the surface to see what type of games you could build thanks to Lua, I missed a few important things.
The most important one was the lack of Box2d functionalities to handle any simulation.
Do you still plan to implement the features of that particular engine ? That would be great.

You also wisely choose Clanlib and I was wondering if you plan to expose a few more things from that great "Toolkit" in a near future ?

By the way, which version of Box2d and Clanlib, Novashell is currently based on ?

Of course, it is still possible to play with C++ to directly use what's missing, but I'm not that good at C++ and Clanlib can be so complex sometimes that I would miss the whole point of using Novashell I think. Probably simple Lua is good enough to handle the whole game.

Finally, is Novashell ultimately designed for RPG/adventure ?
Because with such unique set of features I think that Novashell really doesn't miss a lot to build great others 2D type of games !