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Thread: CL_File crashes showing dbgheap.c

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    Default CL_File crashes showing dbgheap.c


    I'm having trouble with the CL_File. I'm using ClanLib 2.2.12 static linked, running in /MDt ..
    W7 64bit, VC++ 2010 SP1.. It compiles fine, but this piece of code
    PHP Code:
    CL_File assetFile(this->m_basePath "Media\\" assetPath ".mast"); 
    Crashes everything, giving me this message
    PHP Code:
    Unhandled exception at 0x75acb727 in MGE.exeMicrosoft C++ exceptionCL_Exception at memory location 0x003af188.. 
    and then it shows me a file called "dbgheap.c"..

    What the hell am I doing wrong?

    Yes, the path is valid. The file already exists, but does that matter? Nope[edit2]

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    A CL_Exception was thrown, and you have not caught it anywhere

    So we don't know the exact error.

    From Examples/Basic2D
    	catch(CL_Exception &exception)
    		CL_ConsoleWindow console("Console", 80, 160);
    		CL_Console::write_line("Exception caught: " + exception.get_message_and_stack_trace());
    		return -1;
    If you compile the ClanLib source code yourself, it's easier to debug when the "break on std::exception" option is set.

    When debugging, if the call stack looks strange "frames below may be incorrect and/or missing...", remember to load the symbols (you only ever have to do this once) :

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    Ah, ofc - aint used to exceptions in C++ yet, but ye - figured it out.

    Needed to call the
    PHP Code:
    CL_String filename,
    OpenMode  mode,
    unsigned int access,
    unsigned int share share_all,
    unsigned int flags 0); 
    constructor instead of the CL_File(CL_String path).

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