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    It'd be really nice to have some sort of command modifier (holding in shift, checking a box etc) while selling which queues each command until its natural conclusion:
    - Guilt/Sympathy until 0% resistance or Pissed mood
    - Hard Sell until cost-based refusal or Angry mood
    - Soft Sell until cost-based refusal of $50 item or Pissed mood
    Obviously if you can't see the resistance then you can't modify the Guilt/Sympathy commands. And all that is optional - you can still take it click-by-click exactly the same way as now.

    That'd be nice for two reasons. Firstly, it'd make some turns go faster. Secondly, it'd help people like me who somehow always manage to click Soft Sell one time too many if the mood jumps straight from Irked to Pissed...

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    I also make very stupid "fat finger" mistakes, but I think that's the charm of the game.  Otherwise, it's all pretty routine.  Then the game becomes homework, rather than fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Tuttle @ July 03 2003,1:52)]jumps straight from Irked to Pissed

    Painful memories

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    *promises not to wreck Seth's Forum any more*

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    Personally I would love to see the abilty to # 1 run the funeralquest server software as a service under windows 2000 or even xp.......#2 The abilty to run multiple instances of funeralquest..IE:1as a regular game and 1 as a tournament....
    Net version of of game that would support league play...this way multiple servers could compete against each other....

    Just a thought///

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Deathstalker @ July 05 2003,9:52)]Personally I would love to see the abilty to:

      #2  The abilty to run multiple instances of funeralquest.
            IE: 1 as a regular game and 1 as a tournament.

     (#3) Net version of of game that would support league play.  
            This way multiple servers could compete against each other....

    Just a thought
    They may be just thoughts, but they are great ones.  For development, I run FQ on my laptop.   I confess that I don't understand non-tournament FQ.  What's the point?  FQ isn't an RPG and probably never will be.  FQ feels more like a board game played out in real time.  The tournament model re-enforces this idea.  It's a race.  That said, I do understand that running FQ in both modes is appealing to many admins.

    Your last idea has also occurred to me.  I thought it would be fun to be able to have players visit different "deathsvilles."  I don't know how that would work exactly, but here are some ideas:

      .   You can only visit another FQ that is running in the same
          game mode (i.e. tourney or unlimited)

      .   You can only visit servers that allow visiters (some admins
          may want private games

      .   When players visit competitors, *every* player on every machine is visible

      .   Every server runs a daily event and it affects all the networked games.  
          This means there as many daily events as servers

      .   Player and Daily maintenance gets really tricky here.  In vanilla games,
          there isn't that happens during this time, but as admins add scripts
          this isn't always the case.  For instance, on daisypark players
          can buy weapons and armor.   These items deteriorate
          over time.  This magic happens because I added code to the
          daily maint script that checks every player for these items
          and takes the appropriate action.  In network play, does daily maint
          on every server get run for every player?
          Perhaps, but some maintenance needs to be restricted to just
          server-local players.  Some maintence needs to affect the
          "network neighborhood" too.  What about time skew?
          Not all the servers are in the same timezone.  Even if time in FQ
          is reckoned by GMT, there's the problem that PCs don't keep
          perfect time.  Yes, you can use NTP to keep the servers'
          clocks pretty closely synchronized, but this gets far more

      .   The daily top seller awards would look at the network population for
           the "star salesman."

      .   Irrate customers can flee to any of the network players' parlors.

       .   I don't know what the semantics are of servers joining and leaving
           the network.   I don't know if you can run a "network tournament"
           for just this reason.  Do you require all the servers to start the
           tourney at the same time?  Some clearer thought is needed here.

    So as cool as networking FQ would be, it's far from trivial.  If Seth made this happen, I have little doubt that he'd ask for another round of licensing fees.  Lord knows I would.  

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