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Thread: Coin Calculation

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    Default Coin Calculation

    Hi Seth,

    When I play 2 people solo games, if I win, most of time I get 1 coin, but sometimes I get no coin(nobody dropped from the game). For 3 people solo games, I still get 1 coin when I win. I don't know how you calculate the coins, here are my thoughts:

    for 2 people solo game, winner can get 1 coin,
    for 3 people solo games, winner can get 2 coins,
    for 4 people solo games, winner can get 3 coins,
    for 5 people solo games, winner can get 4 coins,
    for 6 people solo games or up, winner can get 5 coins,

    what do you think?

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    I like that oh and same with me anonymous sometimes I get no coins in solo 1v1
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    Default no coins

    i pay 1 on 1 and get know coins some time

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    It depends on how much points you win. If you are in a 1v1 and the other player leaves early you get no coins.
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