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Thread: GUI File dialogs in 2.3

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    Default GUI File dialogs in 2.3

    There's a note in the release notes:
    General Notes

    Linux - clanGUI file dialog code exists on ClanLib 2.4 (Development). If they require backporting, please let us know. It would require clanGUI to use gtk as a dependency.

    Well, I need this backported, so I'm letting you know! I'm doing a level editor in clanlib for Stone Ring and I need the dialogs to open and save levels.

    Depending on GTK is fine.

    Let me know if I can help.


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    Feel free to try to backport it.

    At the moment, the dependency check for GTK is broken in the ClanLib 2.4 configure. We feel that it should be an optional dependency. At the moment, it is forced to be installed. I believe that it should be enabled by default though.

    Also it's possible that we use an obsolete version of GTK, instead of the current version that modern distros use.

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