Hey guys, here's just a little guide I wrote on avoiding scammers.

First off, READ THE RULES! If you haven't already, this is probably the best place to learn to avoid getting scammed.

1. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. So say someone offer angel wings as a drop/truth game prize. So your like "**GASP** Angel wingz!? OMG!" And you play. And this is a taste of what happens. You drop your rarest item, while you see everyone around you have things that are 'less' rare. So your like, eh, I got this sown up! Well then the host if this said drop/truth game kicks you. Well, if you were in an enclosed area, your stuff is gone, the scammer wins. Everyone around you that had items less rare, grab their items as fast as possible. Some make it, some don't.

How to avoid this scam, or something like it: first off Don't play drop/truth games in the first place! And never, ever drop anything in front of someone you don't trust, unless of course, you want to give them the item. And also, if the scenario above, or something like that, happened to you, don't go to the mods, whether in-game, or on the forums, asking for your stuff back, this is the WORST thing you could do. The mods AND the devs strain this rule over and over, mods CONNOT replace stolen or lost items! You can beg them to do it, but they can't. If you try to PM them in-game about how you lost your stuff in-game, it won't work. Imagine getting 20-30 PM's PER SECOND when you are just trying to have fun in Growtopia! It's impossible to read every single one. And they don't have time to try to read about something they really can't help. They were your items, they were your responsibility. You dropped them, you lost them.

2. Never drop trade... Drop trading isn't against the rules, (I said drop TRADING , not a dropgame. There's a difference.) But it really isn't encouraged, either. Why do you think @Seth and @Hamumu made the trade system? To avoid drop trade scams. Always use the trade system, unless it's someone you trust, don't drop trade.
Scenario 2, drop trading...: Your in the seediary, (Or any other place that's popular for trading) looking for a dragon hand (Or any other rare item) you've saved up your world locks, your rares, and all the other stuff your willing to trade for it. So you see one guy selling it. You tell him you'll buy it. He accepts, so at first , you use the SAFE trade system, you offer your world locks, noep, not enough, you offer as many of your rares as you can fit into the 4-slot trade system. But it's still not enough. He cancels. You scream "WAIT I GOT MOAR" so, he proposes an offer, you go to his world, and do a drop trade. You arrive at the world, world-locked by him, of course. So he brings you (Or builds :P) to a small, to room space, big enough, to drop items in, and enclosed, so that you can't get out. He pulls you into one spot, and he goes into the other, and he says, " Ok ur stuff u wanna trade" And so you do, you see that rare dragon hand that you've saved up so hard for on the other side, he's already dropped it. You drop your hard-earned world locks, your rare seeds you spent so many gems on, and a bunch of other stuff. You say "Ok thats all ive got" And he says ok, that's good. You get all excited, finally! That dragon hand you've saved up for ages for was finally gonna be yours! And then you see you character die. HE KICKED YOU! and he breaks the barrier between the two spots, picks up your items, and leaves. All those world locks, those rares.. all gone because you drop traded!

How to avoid this happening:
First off like I said, never drop trade with someone unless you trust them. And if someone you don't trust brings you to a world locked by them propose going to a new world, not locked by either of you. That way he can't kick you, and you can't kick him. And never even do a drop trade unless your super sure you couldn't just trade all those rare seeds for more world locks. When trading for something really rare, try to have a few really rare items, instead of just a bunch of items that aren't so rare. That way you don't even have to think about doing a drop trade.

Thanks for Reading! Sorry, this was a bit longer than I expected, but I hope it helped some people out! And yes, I do realize that I didn't cover all the areas of scamming, I will update this as soon as possible too though, and if you have any ideas, comments, or even criticism on the thread, go ahead and post it! I say criticism because if I really need to be told about something I did wrong, I won't blame you for just blurting it out. Although please don't do it deliberately to be mean. Again, thanks for reading!

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