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Thread: Yo, Seth quick question man.

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    Yo Seth,

       I think you have to be the best person i know to ask this question.  I'm going to be picking up Japanese as an independent study thing, (probably shell out the $350 for the Rosetta Stone Language Software software).  

      Assuming you've been learning the language you have any suggestions on software packs or books or anything like that?  Any input would be most appreciated.

    Thx man

    Mike, Ash, It's all the same anyway.

    P.S.  So how's Dink 2's boss design going?

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    Well, as someone who has pretty much bought every Japanese learning software known to man I can tell you what the best one was for me:

    This one: Power Japanese

    The technology is from the 80's but don't let that fool you, it's really good. I got it at Costco for $89 a while back, it had a big mail in rebate too.

    At some point you'll get to where you just need to memorize things (kana, kanji, words, whatever) the best stuff is free.

    Kanjilab for helping with kanji memorization: Kanjilab

    And JWPce with JFC for flash cards which is great and also works on your Pocket PC.

    I've tried a lot of methods and old fashioned flashcard memorization has been the best thing for me.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    Thanks for the information Seth.

    Now, get back to work on Dink 2!

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    One of my best friends moved to Japan with his wife about 5 yeras ago. He proof reads translated text books for english based errors. I will give him an email and see what kind of software he used--if any.

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