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Thread: Major Lag

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    I've been load-testing the fq server, both .95 and the hot beta and people get extremely lagged after more then just 1 person is connected.

    I've had all sorts of monitors running, such as CPU, ram and network traffic. CPU peaked at only about 15-20%, ram was at 500megs used total, of a gig with plenty of swap, and network traffic was at about 0-30k/s peak.

    I'm on 100megabit ethernet and all the connections were coming from the local network.

    Any ideas at all where this major slowdown could be coming from?

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    Very strange!

    Does each player correctly show a different IP address on the FQ server monitor screen?
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    yes all are unique.

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    Still getting major lag with 3 or 4 people connected at once.

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