You've reached mrfun's Ludumdare 48 page.

If you don't know, it's where a group of crazy people come together to make games.

A theme is voted on right before the competion and for forty-eight hours it's a mad scramble of yelling into microphones, scribbling together art and hacking up ugly code.

My guide for others, yes, I care

LD 3 entry (Bathroom Teacher)

LD 5 entry (Innerbody)

LD 6 entry (Lighthouse)

---------- LD 8 (??or whatever) game log -----

12:00 PM: LD8 starts. (my timezone is GMT +9) My time, thanks to Pov's handy dandy comp notification service I could get the theme and think about it while at the Zoo with my family.

2:49 PM: Back home. That Mcdonald's "food" didn't go down too well, urgh.

No ideas that are good enough to actually make yet. I'm going to fool around and setup my project and get something rendering for now. Gonna use Clanlib, of course.

I took a lot of pics at the zoo (yes, after the compo started!) but actually I don't think I'm going to want to use any of them, except maybe a few as BG's like sky or the wall I snapped.

4:01 PM: Ok, still no idea but most of the grunt work is done. The project is setup, more or less cloned from my last 48 entry, same clanlib app init glue, setup a messaging class. No matter what kind of game I do I need a message dispatcher these days, just makes timing so much easier.

Here's where we're at:


6:41 PM: Took a nap, haven't done any coding at all, still trying to work out a decent design. I don't want to start until I'm pretty sure it's going to work in my head. The idea I'm playing with is a Kaavya simulator where she fights to keep money and fans but I don't know.

12:06 PM: Well, the contest is over and you can download my final entry with source here. I moved my blog over the LD site. A screenshot of the final game is here. Well, whaddya think?!