View Full Version : Terribly upset.

08-14-2014, 09:22 PM
My one friend posted messages on my YouTube wall, and for some reason they didn't show up in my thingy. (reason #1 why I hate Google+). Either way, he thinks I'm ignoring him. He said on deviantART that we're not friends anymore in a journal. I can't respond since I'm banned. Just two more weeks, you can make it! I'm really upset right now. If anyone has deviantART, tell BouncyGlowTheSphere that as a fellow forumer on these forums that I would NEVER want to stop being friends with him and that I don't check my YouTube comments often. Someone please do this for me, I really need a friend right now after I found out Nathan made another hate account of me on these forums. (AntiLolgal96, he's banned)