View Full Version : Some things not known by many people.

08-16-2014, 07:37 PM
Here is a bunch of things not known by many people:

Invisible Mode:
Yes, you can turn your profile invisible on the forums, that means people won't see if you are on, checking x sub-forum, stalking their profile, etc.
How to do: Settings --> My Settings --> My Account --> General Settings --> Login & Privacy --> Invisible Mode.
Good thing to have on if you like stalking :whistling:

Redirecting a Quote to it's original thread:
I am sure you've all seen that blue little icon when you see a quote. By clicking it, you go to the original place the quote was posted. To put the redirecting icon, you have to do as the following example:


However, it is not always possible to find the number, because the thread is now closed, and "Reply with quote" button doesn't work. To do it: Profile of the person who posted the quote --> Find Latest Posts (Below Profile Picture) --> Light Blue Bold Title. Then you go check the url. At the end you find some common ending, which is #post INSERT NUMBER HERE. This is the number you are researching.

Editing Thread Title:
Note: You obviously can't change the title of a thread you didn't start.
How to do: Go on the first post you've made on your on thread --> Edit --> Go advanced --> Change title name. (I didn't know this either)

Removing the "[I]codes" if you want a more explicit version of your post:
If you are annoyed of the ; , etc when you make a thread? You can always change it by clicking on the first button at the top left. (A/A)

Who else knows some weird stuff unknown by many people? Share them here!