View Full Version : An idea for a story that I'd like to write!

09-04-2014, 01:05 AM
So basically, there's this steampunky-floaty-magic world called Styornia where there's floating islands! And in this world, the people have things called "sights". Having a sight means you get to control something with your mind. For example, having "Chairsight" lets you fling chairs through the air like a maniac. There's 5 types of sights: Lifesights, Watersights, Rocksights, Airsights, and Energysights. Energysights are super rare and are things like "Gravitysight" and "Lightsight".

This world might seem ultra-fantasy at first, but halfway through the story I want to flip the entire thing over. Styornia is actually an enclosed world. The sky is a simulated screen. It orbits Earth, which is an empty wilderness. Styornia's islands float because a magnetic field suspends them in space, as well as protecting the whole thing from radiation. Humans from Earth were evacuated to Styornia after a horrible disaster. The thing is, Styornia's outer coating is starting to crack. It was only meant to last a thousand years. But due to some unknown occurrence, Styornia is breaking apart about 80 years early.

There's also a bunch of mountains and terrible thunderclouds (with black lightning!) that lie at the edge of Styornia in order to prevent anyone from escaping too early. The cracks in the outer coating are sucking the islands of Styornia into space, while the magnetic field is struggling to keep the islands where they were. The cracks are winning, though. So it looks like the clouds are coming into Styornia and screwing things up, but really, the islands are getting drawn closer to the clouds.




but somehow the energysights save all of styornia and I haven't ironed it all out yet so uh help me out here guys