View Full Version : Should I... Change?

09-04-2014, 09:23 PM
Yeah... Uhh... Should I change?

I mean... I might quit forums soon anyway but... Should I? (Not changing in gt lol)

09-04-2014, 09:25 PM
Change what?

09-04-2014, 09:25 PM
Change what?

How I act? Lol

09-04-2014, 09:27 PM
Now I see the poll.

Just be yourself.

And for pete sakes to take it too seriously like, "ok i will spam beucase u sed so."

09-04-2014, 09:28 PM
Don't change for anyone. If you are yourself then be happy with that man! :D

09-04-2014, 09:30 PM
Be Yourself, Don't Change For anyone Or Anything!

09-04-2014, 09:33 PM
*hugs everyone* :hug:

Glad everyone likes me :o

09-04-2014, 09:39 PM
You know what I voted.

09-04-2014, 09:42 PM
You know what I voted.

Thanks wo- omg I got a nickname for you:

Wokkie LOL (Wookie)

09-04-2014, 09:43 PM
You know what I voted.

Please stop the spam...140 in 3 days is not normal. It's starting to annoy me to the point where I will do anything for you to stop spamming.

09-04-2014, 09:45 PM
I agree with Timewarper. 39 posts per day is extreme, and a lot of the time I find the content in them annoying.

09-04-2014, 09:48 PM
Change is inevitable, one way or another, you'll change in time. Though its not when we change that matters, it's how.

Through our lives we make various mistakes and bad decisions, and from those we gain more and more knowledge and experience, we learn what to do and what not to do. We simply do not decide when to change because of this, because even if you say and/or believe it yourself, deep down inside you're the same person you were before. The only true way to change is to mess up and learn.

So no, keep doing what you're doing, and you'll change naturally with time as you learn more.

"I used to be me, but now he's gone" <----- One of my favorite quotes, and this seems like the appropriate time to use it, haha.