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07-04-2005, 05:28 PM
I would not say the game is too easy, at least not for non-native speaker (I am from Czechia, for instance). The difficulty seems to be quite OK to me - only the expert level could be a little tougher than it is, and it would be better to disable at least "FOOLS" word when I already user the "FOOL" word. BUT, folks, this is just a good game (not an excellent one), which starts boring after couple of hours. And the idea is remarkably good. Is this really necessary?
Here is what you should do to make it really great:

a) the message "you found ..." at the end of each level is useless, since the player can do nothing about these things. Put there some usable items (not placed inside the letters box, but somewhere at the side of the screen) - additional spells, which could be used through the game - magical shield temporarily reducing or nullifying the damage taken, instant monster vaporizer, temporary attack enhancer, special potion permanently adding more healthpoints (or add experience and character levelling? why not?), save point, magic wand to exchange some or all of the letters, "joker" letter (take some ideas from both Scrabble and RPGs - for example Diablo ;], there's a LOT to improve!), or some quest items, etc.
There is no need to find exactly one thing at the end of each level. You can find nothing, or just some money (=score), or three items at once...

b) Give the player ability to choose where he/she wants to go, at least at the end of each level and at least from two choices. Make different routes really different, so that he/she will be able to find better and worse ways during time.

c) monsters should be more diversified. There is really no need for dragon to be something special, although it can be the toughest monster; but each monster should have different attacks, both attack rate and attack strength. The player could use special items (see a]) to withstand too powerful attacks. Some monsters could be less vulnerable to small words (for example - dragon could have strong, hard skin, so he is vulnerable only to powerful attacks - but whenever such attack breaks through, it does a lot of damage), other monsters could be more sensitive to smaller (but more) attacks, as they have large, but weak body, so you have to strike them more times...

d) the game should have a more specific aim. Just completing infinite levels is not very funny. Completing levels should be only a part of a bigger quest. Nothing as simple as saving the princess/killing the big monster chief in the end. Use your fantasy! After couple of levels something should happen. For example, after six levels you can step to "lower" levels, which could be slightly different (different number of letters, different rules - i.e. smaller words score more/less etc.). There could be routes where you need a torch, which you should have already acquired somewhere in previous level... of course, if you haven't used it against a monster in an emergency situation as a weapon, which would mean you have to find another one...

e) The length of levels (number of monsters to be killed) should NOT increase. The health/toughness of monsters should (and of course harder type of monsters). There's no fun killing thirty monsters in a row while trying to finish one level, when nothing else happens during these thirty fights.

This is not all I had in mind, I can't remember all the other ideas that came up to me during playing the game, but you can take these as an example where to go...

07-08-2005, 01:22 AM
Thanks for the suggestions.

I like the "some creatures can't be hit by small words" idea, I had Akiko do a new turtle enemy today, 3 letter words will "bounce off" his hard shell!

08-05-2009, 08:22 PM
I like the idea for more diversified monsters. Right now, you rarely even need to look at what monster it is. Ideas:

Skeleton: takes only one point per word, no matter how long (set HP to 3)

Outough: takes double damage from words starting with a vowel

Doppleganger: takes no damage from words ending with 's'

Troll: slowly regenerates HP when you fight it.

Hydra: must be killed in one word (ie words with less damage than necessary to kill it have no effect)

Snake: chance on hitting you that you lose a letter (poison)

Golem: when it hits you, it rearranges your letters

Giant Owl: Only odd numbered words (ie 3 letters, 5 letters, etc) hurt it

Wraith: has only 3 HP, but any letters you use to kill it are gone for ever

Also, if you don't get any loot from killing a monster, you shouldn't show the chest icon. That's really confusing at first.

08-06-2009, 01:26 AM
Great suggestions.

08-06-2009, 04:47 AM
and maybe instead of getting healing potions, you could get letters that heal you when you use it in a word. And you could replace other 2x, 3x bonus tiles with other effects, like slow, stun, on going damage, protection, etc.

Also, a really cool boss would be another wizard, who casts 'words' at you. Even better, if he cast from your tiles, he can use up words too.