View Full Version : Sorry for my behavior today.

09-10-2014, 06:39 PM
So i've been behaving BAD on the rtsoft forums (Growtopia) And i may've offended some people on the way so i just wanna say sorry. I'm having some personal life problems at home etc that is not solved and is very ... Hard to take kinda..! I'm not saying anything more about that thing..

To everybody i offended i'd like to say sorry! Not untill i got a message from ? I relized how bad i've behaved these hours/this day. I'm sorry i don't really mean it just feelt great to release some anger on some words...! No i did not cyber bully them, i'd never do that but me and some other ones had a "Fight" over a subject... I'm truly sorry.

To make sure this never happens again i won't reply to negative comments on the rtsoft forum neither will i reply much becouse then i may say something bad! I will check the forums sometimes untill my problem is solved in my life.

I really hope i don't said any clues to the person i've had a fight with just hope they see this and accept my appologize.