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09-11-2014, 01:47 AM
This thread has been made to remember the one's we lost
on this horrible day. Thank you all for being here as we pray for our beloved one's.

May I start with thank you for those officer's, Red Cross assistant's, and firefighter's.
They helped recover the last remainder of the debri's on the covered ground.

After watching a whole documentary about this tragedy, There was many sight's
no human being should see as it hurt's us. There where many casualtie's and injurie's.
At 8:45 the first 2 hijacker's passed the United Airline's Security.
At around 9:12-9:45 Flight 11 took off and flight attendent's believed that they where being
hijacked. Around that time the first plane took strike into the South Tower.

I believe the plane penetrated through floor's around 60-80 traping the worker's above those
floor's. The second plane crashed into the 2nd tower minute's later.
Another plane's hijacker's where having trouble's controlling the plane, It looked as
about the 40 passenger's where about to take it back in control, In cause of that
the hijacker's crash landed the plane 10-20 flight minute's away from Washington D.C

{Correct Me If I A Wrong About Any Of This, Very Sorry If I Got Wrong Info}

The South tower fell around 45 minute's after the plane crashed into it.
The tower fell on top of over 600+ people including Red Cross Attendent's,Police, and Firefighter's
To many people it looked like the end of the world.

Sadly that is all the information I have about this horrible day.
I will surely pray these few day's for all out lost citizen's.
Thank you for taking your time and reading my thread. I feel very teary
talking about this topic.. Thank you. - ArticSoul :cry:

{Again Correct Me On This Info If It's wrong.}

09-11-2014, 02:25 AM
There was also another plane that hit the Pentagon. Another where the brave souls on the plane fought against the hijackers and risked their lives for others by crashing the plane in a field. There is also President Bush's perspective on this tragedy. It's quite interesting actually.