View Full Version : 5 Nights At Freddys custom night android

09-19-2014, 11:04 AM
Oh hey look another FNaF thread!!! 111
Anyways today I was screwing around with the files and got to 5th night (yus 1337 haxxor)

I tried modifying the files to get to the custom night, or atleast the 6th night to TRY and beat it but if I put "6" or "7" (1 is night one and so on) in the level file it stills show I'm on night 5 on the continue thing.

Its ok if you don't understand me, but is there a 6th or a custom night for FNaF android?

(I wanna try the 1987 crap lol)

EDIT: Does this game have lives? I saw a "lives=5" in the file...