View Full Version : Games like Dink Smallwood

10-16-2005, 06:07 PM
I see alot of threads asking people to name humourus, involving RPGs. I enjoyed Dink Smallwood to a very intense degree, and the comedy contained within it was part of that.

I really did like Dink Smallwood as an RPG. But I also liked Dink Smallwood as simply a game.

-Fixed camera, tilted bird's eye view
-Real time action

I've always looked for those two things when I choose a PC game, and with the advent (finally) of well done 3-D games, it's near impossible to achieve that same want.

I've played Dink Smallwood, Diablo and Diablo 2- Even Arcanum and I like them all regardless of the fact that they're not at all alike other than the old-school fixed camera and the real time action.

I look for this not only in RPGs. I still play Stronghold: Crusader to this day because it has those qualities- But an RTS is much easier to find than an RPG.

If you could name any PC games, RPGs in special, that have the fixed raised-camera and real time combat, I'd be thankful.

10-18-2005, 10:44 PM
There is an MMORPG called Everquest which I believe is 3rd person. I understand its pretty fun. Also if you look at alot of the 3d games out there there are different camera views you can use to emulate 3rd person. Just a thought.