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09-26-2014, 12:34 AM
Because these hereby forums have turned into theconspiracy forums, I thought I'd also do a little bit of conspiracying.

Credit goes to the Deviantart community and whoever drew these pictures.

The Beginning.
I'm going to go more into depth with the next image (I hope) but here it shows Wall-E finding Groot, because we all know that Wall-E finds a plant in the movie and then Eve is extremely eager to keep it and take it back to space, but what if that plant he found was really Groot, as suggested by the image, and Eve was so eager to take it back to space because she knew this. What if Wall-E thought she wanted it to help rebuild humanity, because plants are a necessity for life, but Eve actually had other plans, this being the reason the captain actually sent her down there but just had a coverup for everyone else.

The Evogrootion
See, here it shows that Groot started as the plant Wall-E found in the movie Wall-E, that explains why Eve was so eager to save it, maybe it wasn't just because it was the last plant on Earth and that plant was going to help humanity survive. We shall never know. He then grows up into a bigger plant and then becomes Groot. This next part leads me to my next theory, maybe Gepetto is actually a bad guy because he used Groot himself to make Pinocchio thus the real reason Pinocchio came alive and it really had nothing to do with the fairy.

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But Pinocchio had full vocab. Groot can't say anything except "I IS GROOT!"

09-26-2014, 01:43 AM
But Pinocchio had full vocab. Groot can't say anything except "I IS GROOT!"

What if that was what the fairy truly did.

Wall-e could only say his name. Groot could only say his name.
Neither of them had a magical fairy visit them, it makes sense.

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I made this conspiracy up all by myself with the photos as inspiration.

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Lemme just set the mood.

(Plays X Files Theme)

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Bump. Come see how smart I am.