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12-19-2005, 02:23 AM
Ok, I tried a lot of things, and here's what I don't get.

Charlie: I read something that I can find out about him on the main site, I'll check that.

Walking on the side of a mountain: Wha- wait, WHAT? *doesn't understand*

In the king's castle: How do I get that stat potion on the left by him?

Other secret areas: I see much more than I've discovered. I've been to the wizard west of bad lands, the island with the two dragons, the ice island with the wizard, the duck island with the 25K bow, and that little strip with all the gold and phat loot. =P

But what about the other places?

12-20-2005, 09:54 PM
Charlie himself is not in the final release of Dink due to time constraints the RTSoft crew faced "back in the day." Game development had to be finished by a certain time, and a few features were left unfinished or completely unimplemented. On a related note, there is a pretty big section of land east of Windemere that you can see if you go into the map editor (is this one of the "secret areas" you referred to?); this isn't accessible within the game. I assume this is where PortTown would've been had all the game concepts come to fruition.

Given all the secret areas you listed, I don't think there are anymore to be found in the game...

Regarding the potion in the castle: You can't get it.

Walking on the side of a mountain: Not quite sure what you mean here... are you referring to a hardness error that lets you actually walk on areas you shouldn't be walking on? To the best of my knowledge, your particular problem is fixed in Dink patch 1.08, due for release in the near future.