View Full Version : Lol. Super long Weekend(5 days)

Carlo Miguel Velasco
10-01-2014, 09:00 PM
Lol. 5 days of rest lololol.

1st Day(Thursday; today) We're celebrating Teacher's Day in our school so the Student Officers of the HS Dept. thought that instead of the teachers teaching, the students will teach. Since its the students who'll teach, I won't really learn anything(I'm at the back of the class; my classmates will laugh when the student teaching makes a mistake; the people who voloteered doesn't have a loud voice.)

2nd Day(Friday)- Idk actually why we have a Holiday on Oct. 3 but meh.I also Idk if other Filipinos have this same date as a Holiday.

3rd & 4th Day(Sat., Sun.)- Its ovious that we don't have classes.

5th Day(Monday- E'dil Adha(I am SO sorry if I spelled it wrong)

So yeah... 2 weeks of real pain will pay off today. Lolol

Sorry for bad grammar.. I'm using a small phone that I can't really check if the words are correct in grammar.