View Full Version : Rules on writing at a free subforum

10-09-2014, 10:19 AM
Rtsoft tavern is known as a free subforum. Yes you can talk about whatever pleases you.
But remember, posting with LIMITATIONS is important. Do you want others posting words that are not suitable for kids and sometimes adults too.
Posting about a game besides rtsoft/hamumu games is ok too. But multiple threads about a game, which OUR DEVELOPER didnt made are wrong and needs to be closed.

Some of their games have a forum website too, so if you want to talk about a game, post it on their respective website. For example, cubic castle. There are alot of posts like this here and Seth closed some because theres a forum for cubic castle.
Posts that includes bullying. Posts that are intended to hurt someone arent allowed at any subforums here. So if you want to bully someone, better be careful from getting punished here.

Try to follow the rules for safe and fun foruming!