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James Williams
10-15-2014, 07:40 AM
When i was really little i wanted to plug in this game for my little brother the game was w when your a pet and you have pet friends and you can gather halos and torches and the halos make your dog,monkey,panda,i think cat i don't remember,etc i also forgot the name if anybody knows can you tell me well anyways after the tv dropped on me and i woke up in the hospital and got stitches on my head while i was a sleep after that i got color crayons wooooooooooo so worth it and my little brother didn't get hurt because he was out of the tv's radius after i got stitches and came to school i thought i was so cool for having them on my head and i showed everybody i do t know why i thought i was cool but i was really dumb when i was little lol