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File Sponge
10-19-2006, 08:31 AM
These are some suggestions, both from me and from the players in my game. I'm sure there is a thread out there somewhere with all of these in it already, but they are all at least a year old and some are no longer relevant.

FQ is a great game, but I know it's not #1 priority for development right now. With that in mind, I still want to provide this list. Thanks!


* A way to turn off the TV in the Cafe (Maybe /TV on and /TV off. Some players like to go in there to watch what other players are doing. Others tell me they're annoyed by "TV spam".)
* A way to turn off other notices in the Cafe
* A sound on/off button in the Flash code
* Option to specify number of bury points when deleting users at maint (right now there is only a checkbox for "Delete players with 0 BP at maint." It would be nice to delete all the users with less than a hundred or so BP)
* A way to specify starting psych level (I know this is an easy script, but if it's easy to put into the FQServer, why deal with a script?)
* In player editor, change "visits done today" to "visits remaining". Easier when crediting players after a game screw-up and during testing.
* Provide a SetVisitsByID and GetVisitsByID option (along with the change above). This would allow even more interesting scripts to be made.
* In player editor, change "Yang's done today" to "Yang's remaining".
* Provide a SetYangsByID and GetYangsByID option (along with the change above). This would allow even more interesting scripts to be made.
* I don't need it, but for consistency, the "Tags Received" option could be changed to "Tags allowed to receive today"
* Provide a way to disable IP security checking for an IP address (not just by player) and also for IP address ranges with wildcards (for players behind corporate firewall.)
* Does the "Player can be attacked" checkbox do anything? It doesn't look like it. As an admin account, I tried unchecking it, and I still get attacked.
* Provide a way to extract or update e-mail address. Something like GetEmailByID and SetEmailByID. Same with Password.
* Add or incorporate a place where users can update their email and password
* Add automated "lost password" functionality, either to interface with local SMTP server, ISP's SMTP server, or at least to in-game e-mail an Admin account with password reset requests. I know this one is unlikely, but it can't hurt to suggest it.

That's all for now. More to come, I'm sure. Thanks for reading!

10-19-2006, 10:55 PM
Good stuff, thanks!

10-21-2006, 01:55 AM
If I had one wish for FQ (besides going "1.0"), it would be for LUA scripting to replace the current system. It would be sweet to get a real language with, like, arrays and stuff. :D