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11-16-2014, 11:05 PM
Its basically a text adventure

Example of a game:

poster 1 is the game
-poster 1: The hero wakes up in a room. name the hero.
poster 2 is the hero
-poster 2: The heros name is Christopher Bin Obama
poster 3 is the game
-poster 3: Christopher Bin Obama finds a birth certificate. please rename the hero
poster 4 is the hero
-poster 4: Obama
poster 5 is the game
-poster 5: obama wakes up in a different small room, it has nothing but a table, and a mirror. what does he do?
poster 6 is the hero
-poster 6: ?play the game!?

so yeah... Im poster 1

The Hero Wakes up in a small room. Name the hero.