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11-16-2014, 11:42 PM
Errr.... Hi. So yeah, this is a Townies versus Mafia game. It's pretty much party mafia for those that haven't played it yet. (Mod please do move it if this belongs in a different sub-forum, this has nothing to do with GT so I assumed it would be here.)


Breaking any of the following rules will result in a modkill.
No revealing teammates.
No communicating outside of this thread, PMs, and a chatzy I will create for the mafia.
No "trolling".
No asking anyone for their role. They will role claim if they wish.
PM me who you use your role on if you have one.
Lynch like this: I, Player1 VTL Player2.
Or, vote not to lynch like this: I, Player1 VTNL.



Dirt Block- Vanilla townie. No special role. (3)
High Tech Block- Can investigate one person each night.
Heart Block- Can heal someone each night.


Team- Team NK. (Decided via PM/chatzy)
Slime- Vanilla mafia. No special role aside from Team NK. (2)

Sign up by saying: "I sign up" or something along the lines of that.

On Day 1, after you have received your role, you may PM me a yes/no question about the game. I will lie to 2 people. You can discuss your answers on this thread.

List of Players:

PM me if you have any questions about the game.. I will link you to a good guide.

Oh and, I promise to be active on GT Forums as long as the game is still going on.

11-17-2014, 09:46 PM
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(Forgot the bump rules for this sub-forum. Someone enlighten me)

How to play:

This is a guide for people new to TvMs. It is unfinished, so please input your ideas.

A TvM, or Townies vs. Mafia, is a type of game played on the forums.

1. Sign-ups: You hold sign ups to gather players, usually around 12-18.
-a. Normally, you have a list of roles and a theme. Some games have no role list.
-b. Determine the minimum amount of players you need. If more people than that want to join, you can have them as replacements or you can add more roles.

2. Groups: There are two groups: the townies and the mafia. Sometimes, a third group is included called the 3rd Party.
-a. Townies: They do not know each other. You are also not allowed to PM each other or anyone else except the host, unless the host allows you to. They are the biggest group, and they win once everyone who is not townie is dead. People pretend to be from this party. Some townie roles include: night killer, night investigator, double-voter, healer, roleblocker, etc.
-b. Mafia: People from this party know each other. Again, they win once everyone else is dead. If you say you are mafia, you can be sure to die. Mafia basically have the same roles as townies, but usually not healer or double-voter.
-c. 3rd Party: Usually two or three of them. They know each other, and again, you'll probably die if you say you're them. Usually have a vote-kill ability with three of them, or one has kill while the other has block/investigate.

3. Pre-Game: Once everyone signs up, you will get a PM from the host telling you what your role is. If you are mafia or 3rd Party, you will also be told who your teammates are. If you do not know if they are on the same team as you, do not tell them your role.

4. The Game: The beginning of the game. Again, everyone is trying to kill the people not in their groups.
-a. Day: This is when the lynching(killing) happens. Everyone votes for one person, usually who seems the most suspicious of being a non-townie. You must bold your votes, such as I VTL(vote to lynch): 966souchou. If you want to switch your vote or take it back, just bold the new person or say I unlynch 966souchou. Usually, whoever gets (50%+1) votes are killed, and their role is revealed. You can also vote to not lynch anyone, where you say I vote no lynch. No lynch usually happens when no one seems suspicious, obviously. No one will die if 50%+1 people vote no lynch. It is then night.
-b. Night: This is when you use your role. After a certain time limit or after everyone sends in their role, night is over. The host will tell you the conclusion of the day, telling you who died and what their roles were. It is now day again.
-c. Once only one group remains, that group wins. In rare occasions, ties do occur.

5. Endgame: Some people say that if the number of mafia ever outnumber the townies, the mafia win. In the case of a tie, everyone wins/loses at the same time. Ties occur when:
-two or more sides agree to it
-no one is dying, from no lynching and no NKs
-a stalemate occurs, where two sides have an equal amount of players with no killer roles. If there are no killer roles, night does not occur.
Roles: Here are some explanations of the roles. To use these roles, PM the host instead of PM your target directly.
1. Vigilante: Can choose one person per night to kill.
2. Detective: Can find out someone's role.
3. Roleblocker: Can prevent someone from using their role.
4. Healer: Can prevent someone from dying by a night kill.
5. Random: Gets a random role per night, told what by the host.
6. Doublevoter: His day vote counts as two.
7. Immune: There are two types of this role. One cannot be killed by lynch, and the other cannot be night killed.
8. Two-hit: Will require two night kills to kill him.

There are many more roles; these are just the commonly used ones.