View Full Version : 1000th post *tears*

11-19-2014, 09:23 PM
After one year on the forums i've finally created 1000 posts!! Most I've ever posted on any forums yet! I don't know where I'd be if i hadn't found Growtopia on the AppStore. Now that i feel accomplished, I'll be logging out of this account from my phone and start using my original. Goodbye Tifa. I haven't logged out this account on my phone before ever since when i first created this account because I've been using PC ever since i made the change.

If anyone still don't know yet, I was killed and reincarnated into a guy. Understand please. The new account I've been using now is Elusive (http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/member.php?131510-Elusive) and here's the thread i made when i died, http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?74572-Tifa-s-deepest-darkest-secret-REVEALED!

11-21-2014, 06:38 AM
It's officially been one year on the Forums! With 1000 posts! :yeah:

11-21-2014, 06:48 AM