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Alright. So in this game, I will write a story, and people should reply what the main character should do next. And I will write a story for that. As the game goes on, the player will acquire items, clothes, skills and other stuff. I will have a graphic inventory picture. Let's begin with the story:

[year 2114]You are a tester of flying scout ships. You are given a mission: You should fly to an inhabited planet, land on it, and come back.
"Alright", I thought to myself. "Another small task, and then home. Xmas. Holidays, family...". I was dressing up in my space suit.
"Eh, I think this is too tight for me...". I tried to squeeze in my leg.
"Don't worry", said my personal assistant. "It will become bigger over time."
I just ignored him. I could've said something bad, but I didn't. Although he was a robot, I didn't was to hurt his (it's?) feelings.
"Finally. Time to get in that vehicle!" I marched to the launch pad. The robot gave me the magnetic card to open the door. I entered the vehicle, sat in the pilot's seat, and strapped the belts made from super strong synthetic nano leather.
"The user's manual is in the lower locker located in front of your control panel. In case your engine is broken, air ventilation system is damaged, the hull is penetrated, the fuel tank has exploded or any other insignificant accident has occurred, please refer to the manual page 790 to page 970."
"Thanks for the information... That sure will be helpful..." I facepalmed, in my mind.
"You are welcome, human being. If you die, or never return, your family will be notified with a postcard with kittens and puppies. The chance of a successful mission completion: 40% Chance of mission failure: 60%. Chance of unsuccessful landing: 27% Chances of running out of fuel: 34%..."
"Thanks, I don't need that..."
"...Chances of being captured by space pirates: 64% Chance of the ship exploding because of manufacturing error: 53%. That is a total of 178% chance that you will die. Have a nice journey!". The robot has left me with these words. I knew that he has been glitching in the past time, so I decided to fix him later on. I started the engines and switched to the atmospheric travel mode. The roof of the hangar opened and I pressed the stopwatch to start the countdown. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... The roar of engines muted every other sound. It took me 5 seconds to raise to the altitude of 540km, which brought me to thermosphere. Then I quickly switched to "Planet orbiting" mode, and in a couple of seconds I was already at 1164 kilometers, out of the Earth's atmosphere.
I put my ship to the autopilot, and went to the relaxing room to get some coffee. After my coffee was done, I could hear a voice: "Accelerating to the speed of light in 10...9..."
I took the cup of coffee and sat on the chair.
I took a sip.
"Entering the speed of light!"
I went to the captain chair to check how everything's going. Everything seemed fine.
"Nearing the star gate!"
I went back to my room.
After about 5 minutes I finished the coffee and went to check the control panel, again.
Everything still was fine.
I sat in the captains chair and looked at the autopilot screen: 15 minutes left until destination.
*15 minutes later*
I was orbiting a green and blue planet, much like ours.
"Jesus, this looks just like Earth!.."
I disabled the auto pilot and took my own control.
I switched from "light speed" to "planet orbiting", and slowly started going down. 2000km, 1861km, 1539km, 1121km, 956km...
I switched to the "planet landing mode". I glanced at the gravitation force display, and quickly entered the number in the landing program helper. Now I just had to sit and relax.
"50 kilometers left until surface! 45, 40, 35, 30, 25..."
All of a sudden, red lights began flashing everywhere: "!WARNING! IMPACT INEVITABLE!
"What the f***!"
I quickly took the pilot controller and pulled it on myself as hard as I could.
"15, 10, 5..."
I could see the surface. It was a peaceful meadow with some unknown type of flowers growing...
These were my last thoughts before the impact. With a loud crashing noise, the ship fell to planet's surface. Everything went black
I was awakened by a loud beeping noise. I quickly remembered everything and got up. I looked around for any way to escape. What an irony... The user manual laid right below my feet. I decided to take it, just in case, for later and put it in my backpack...

Everything now is up to you, reader... You can either loot the ship or set out to explore the planet

Orange = food
Dark-green = items

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Bump, come on, is noone interested?

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Is there a role for another human? : P

Currently only this guy... I might add other people in a while

And I will also fix the pixelart later

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Not sire whatd id do 0-0

There are 2 choices ._.

Tough, tough decision...