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11-29-2014, 08:55 PM
ok, i am going to post my english story here

plz tell me how it is

when the american, Mr otis, bought canterville castle, everyone told him that this was very foolish, as this place was haunted. But Mr otis replied, "I come from a mordern country where we have everything money can buy. and if there was such a thing as a ghost in Europe, we would have it at home in one of our museums.

A few weeks later, on a lovely July evening, Mr Otis, his wife and their children, washington, virginia and the twins, went down to their new home. when they entered the avenue of Canterville castle, the sky suddenly became dark and a spooky stillness was in the air.

Mrs Umney, the housekeeper, led them into the library of the castle, where they sat down and started too look around, suddenly, Mrs Otis noticed a red stain on the floor just by the fireplace and said to Mrs Umney, "im afraid something has been spilt there"

"Yes madam" said the old housekeeper in a low voice, "blood has been spilt on that spot"

The whole family stood silent, Mrs otis became frightened, "uhh..I think I do not want a large house again, Mrs Umney replied "i'm sorry, but you have already signed the contract!" After she said that, she laughed cruely and in the blink of an eye, she dissapered.

After a silent moment, Mr otis said "right.. lets show you your rooms sgall we?" And he left the room and showed his kids their rooms. While Mrs otis was cleaning the stain Mr otis heard a loud scream from downstairs, and he rushed down the stairs to see a dead corpse lying on the floor, that he identified as his wife, and on the wall it stood in large letters "LEAVE" with a bold red colour from her blood.

When mr Otis went to sleep he told himself, "we're leaving first thing in the morning." when he finally slept he heard a rumble and he thought it came from the kids room. When he entered their rooms he didn't see any bodys but he did see another sentance, written in blood, "Its too late" it said, "you'r next" After he turned aroundhe say the monster, he stood still as ice, reached for his phone and recorded it, it saw the light and started charging, suddenly, when Mr otis thought he would die, the monster just died, As mr otis is a scientist and works in medicine, he took a picture of the monster, and when he started looking for a cause in the monsters heart, he diagnosed it with ebola, and his heart suddenly exploded, some of the blood came in his mouth, but he didn't notice, and he had ebola, as ebola evolved in his body, he was about to explain to the world what happened, and just before he was going to say something he exploded, just like the monster, and the world didn't know what to expect, and then the monsters invaded earth and everyone died.


Do not go near dead monsters
and do not get ebola

Yes, this was my english story, i do know how to write stories

11-29-2014, 11:57 PM
Theres a few grammar errors, but overall its fine. Just a bit of capital letters here and there.